What are the correct tyres for my car?

Saints Tyre & Auto recommend you buy the ones suitable for your particular car as car manufacturers go through a rigorous testing phase to ensure the tyres are an optimum blend of handling, braking, efficiency, wear rate, ride comfort and road noise.

Check your owner’s manual to find the recommended tyre for your car. The manufacturer will identify the right size, speed rating and load rating.

The brand of tyre is generally left up to you, but it is best to ensure your two front tyres are of the same brand, and the two rear tyres are the same. Having different brands on the front for example, can result to poor handling.

Need new tyres for your car?

Saints Tyre & Auto stock a range of tyres to suit your needs and budget.

As part of our tyre renewal we will also replace the valve, perform a wheel balance and dispose of the old tyre.

Cars rely on good tyres to safely accelerate, steer and brake. Did you know that a good tyre not only means safety, but also the enhancement of your vehicle's traction, stability, braking and steering systems. It also adds vehicle comfort by being smooth, quiet and comfortable, this means increased ride quality.

Underinflated tyres or out of balance tyres wear unevenly and cost money. Carry out regular tyre pressure checks, inspections, tyre rotations and wheel balances along with a regular wheel alignment check up to increase the life of your tyres.

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How much should I pay for tyres?

Like anything in life, you pay extra for quality and tyres are no different. The size of the tyre will also determine the price; the bigger the tyre, the more expensive it is.

If you use the example of a 195/55R16 tyre, which is a typical size, a good quality tyre will cost around $150 to $200 each.

If you want a premium tyre, like Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli or Continental, you’ll be paying around $200 to $300 per tyre.

If you are after a budget brand, then the average price is $100 to $150 each.

What is the writing on the side of the tyre?

The code on the side of the tyre might seem pretty complex, but provides valuable information that can help you decide on the right tyre for your car.

Brand and Name - simply the maker of the tyre, for example Bridgestone and the particular model range.

Tyre Type - the tyre type will indicate what style of car the model is designed for:

  • P: passenger car and most 4WD
  • LT: light truck and some utes
  • M: motorcycle
  • T: temporary

Tyre Width - The first set of numbers in the code will indicate the tyre width measured in millimeters

Profile - The second number featured will be the profile which is the ratio of the tyre width to height.  This number is expressed as a percentage. Generally, tyres with a lower profile are typically used on performance cars and have a firmer sidewall.

Construction - the type of construction is indicated by a letter, usually ‘R’ standing for radial. 

Diameter - Just to confuse you, almost all diameters of tyres are measured in inches. The diameter will tell you which size rim the tyre is designed to fit. 

Typically, the larger the diameter, the more expensive the tyre will be, however as car wheels are increasing in size, the smaller tyre sizes are less popular. 

Load rating - Load ratings can be expressed in kilograms or an index number, such as 82. This is essentially how much load a correctly inflated tyre can handle.

Speed rating - The last letter of the code indicates the speed rating, which tells you the maximum speed the tyre can take for ten minutes without falling apart.  This is very important as you are legally obliged to fit tyres with the correct speed rating on your car. 
V-rated tyres for example, are rated for a maximum speed of 240 km/h, whereas the maximum speed of M-rate tyres is 130 km/h.

How long does it take to replace my tyres, and can I wait?

A good tyre technician should be able to replace four tyres and carry out a wheel alignment in about 1.5 hours. Because of this relatively short time, many people either wait or go for a coffee down the road.

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What are the correct tyres for my car? Saints Tyre & Auto recommend you buy the ones suitable for your particular car as car manufacturers go through a rigorous testing phase to ensure the tyres are an...

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